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And Another Thing... with Christian Estabrook

Jul 11, 2017

There is so much that goes into witnessing a theatrical production; the actors performing in the same room as you, the stagecraft and set design, hearing the voices and music reverberating off of the walls. There's no way to fall in love with a play by just listening to it apart from the theater. Except that is exactly what happened to Faith while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack by herself in the middle of the night. She joins me on this episode to tell me what drew her Lin-Manuel Miranda's opus as well as how it has helped her search for the narrative in history rather than see it as a random collection of dates to memorize.

She is also filled with envy as I am about to see Hamilton on stage in San Francisco, but we'll discuss that later. 

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You can follow Faith on Twitter @FaithWartt but you won't understand it if you're not a teenager.