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And Another Thing... with Christian Estabrook

Jul 30, 2018

There are only so many hours in a day, so when you need some escapist fun or challenging storytelling there is a lot riding on what media you choose to watch. My guest, Linda Ward, and I have spent hours comparing and contrasting the qualities of our preferred media choices (mine being movies, hers being TV shows). In this conversation we lay out our best case for why we consume what we do. Along the way we dig into topics such as- do weak storylines sour your overall enjoyment of a show (as in Game of Thrones)? Do movies struggle with how to end a story as much as television does (as in Breaking Bad or Lost)? And how do returning shows like Gilmore Girls compare to the Return of Twin Peaks? Of course, after hearing us make our cases we want to know if you prefer to curl up with a new film or binge 10 hours of TV in one sitting. 

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You can follow along with Linda's binge watching on Instagram @linda_eirene