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And Another Thing... with Christian Estabrook

Jul 14, 2018

Laura Dern is, and always has been, awesome. This has not gone unnoticed by my guest (Andrew Roebuck) and I, so we decided to devote a whole episode to ramble on about her and some of her great performances. We touch on some of her early roles in David Lynch films (Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart), and we talk about some of her blockbuster movies (Jurassic Park, Star Wars: The Last Jedi). While trying to explain Dern's greatness we discuss childhood indoctrination into feminism, the (sometimes sexist) backlash to The Last Jedi, and her iconic role on Twin Peaks. We also discuss dinner parties with David Lynch, smearing lipstick on your face, and Grizzly 2: The Concert. 

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