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And Another Thing... with Christian Estabrook

Feb 19, 2018

Convicted pedophile, Dr. Larry Nassar, has had many headlines dedicated to him after his ongoing court hearings and the testimonies of his victims. Hearing the specifics of his crimes has elicited extreme responses from many, most notably Randall Margraves, a father of three of Nassar's victims who lunged at Nassar during an emotional day in court. Was that attack the outpouring of righteous anger and the sign of a loving father? Was it a selfish act that distracted from his daughters and the other victims and put his family through yet another traumatic experience? The responses to such evil can be very personal. Sarah joins me on today's episode to share her #MeToo story. She describes how her past trauma informs how she responds to stories of abuse and the lingering effects she is still coping with. 

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