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And Another Thing... with Christian Estabrook

May 10, 2017

This episode is complete chaos. i recently took my kids to see The Boss Baby and was confounded by the entire experience, or at least the parts that I was awake. This bizarre movie pervaded my thoughts for days after seeing it, so I decided I had to discuss the film's plot and merits, or lack thereof. Since the only people I knew who had seen this movie were the kids who went with me, that is what led to this episode.

I am joined by 6 year old Dexter, who has appeared on The Third Act Podcast several times to give his opinion on movies, and 4 year old Soren, who is making his podcasting debut with this episode. 

This episode has a lower audio quality and a higher number of interruptions and farts than I normally want for this show, but I guess that's what happens when your oldest guest is in kindergarten. 

If you have any feedback for me, you can find me @AnotherXtian on Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to the show on your podcast player for future episodes or stream them online at

You cannot follow Dexter nor Soren on Twitter because they are children.